Data Protection

The right to privacy and protection of personal data are invaluable assets for both the individual data subject and the data controller who uses them in their commercial, professional or institutional activities.

Digital administration

E-Lex professionals are fully skilled in Public Law and have been the protagonists of some of the most significant steps in the process of computerization and digitalization of the Public Administration, which has begun to be implemented in other states over recent years.

Start-ups and SMEs

A brilliant idea just remains a brilliant idea, if no one decides to invest in it and turn it into reality. High-tech companies benefit from a simplified incorporation procedure and a more flexible application of corporate regulation in Italy.

Intellectual property and competition law

Intellectual property represents, together with industrial property, the plethora of intangible assets resulting from human inventiveness and ingenuity, whose protection and management is governed by detailed rules at national, European and international level, commonly known as intellectual and industrial property law.

Public contracts

Public administrations and economic operators need operational support in the management of all public procedures and in the contract execution phase.


Cyber ​​security and cybercrime

The growing risk of computer crimes has made clear the need to implement a field of law aimed at combating cybercrime, those crimes committed by means of or against a computer system, giving rise to cybersecurity.


Transparency and prevention of corruption

The underlying remit behind ​​the anti-corruption reform is a partial change of approach in managing the corruption phenomenon and the damage it causes to the entire production system and in particular to public finances.

social media e-lex

Social media

Today social media constitutes an important communication platform which is increasingly prevalent and used by both private individuals and public administrations.

Emerging technologies and cryptocurrencies

In the digital age, everything is constantly and rapidly evolving and it is important that the law continues to support this trend to govern new technologies without hindering their development, by continuing to ensure the right balance with individual rights.

Venture Capital

To raise the capital needed for the start-up and growth of its business, a company can seek venture capital, an alternative form of financing, that can be accessed by companies which may present a high operational and financial risk but which, in the event of success, can ensure a ROI.

Public employment and public responsibility

Access to public employment requires the completion of transparent and impartial procedures, aimed at selecting deserving candidates. These procedures concern both public law and employment law.

Consumer law

In accordance with the European and Italian legislation, there are five fundamental consumer rights that are covered by the Consumer Code.

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