“PA digitale 2026”, the access point to resources for Public Administration digital transition, is born 

“PA digitale 2026” is now online. This portal has been presented by the Department for Digital Transformation and it represents the access point to resources for the digital transition of the Italian Public Administration.  

On “PA digitale 2026”, Italian administrations may apply for PNRR funds dedicated to digital transition, report on the progress of projects, and receive assistance. 

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Artificial Intelligence
National Strategy 2022-2024 is now published 

Italy has adopted the Strategic Programme for Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2022-2024 thanks to the joint work of the Ministry for Universities and Research, the Ministry for Economic Development, the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, and the support of the working group on the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.  

The Programme outlines twenty-four policies to be implemented over the next three years to enhance the AI system in Italy. 

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App IO 
New guidelines published by Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale  

The Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale has published the guidelines for telematic access to Public Administration services. 

The guidelines define the aspects related to the implementation and the operation of the Telematic Access Point and the procedures for administrations providing online services to join it. 

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It has been adopted a new regulation on the modalities of public contract procedures digitalization 

The Minister of Public Administration Decree no. 148 of the 12th August 2021 has been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale. It concerns the modalities for the digitalization of public contract procedures,  

This is a long-awaited regulation. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to wait for the guidelines to be adopted by the Agency for Digital Italy, in order to make it fully operational. 

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Single register office – ANPR
Personal registration certificates for citizens are online from 15 November 

Since 15th November 2021, Italian citizens have been able to download their personal certificates – online and free of charge – by using the ANPR features and logging in with their digital identity (Spid, Carta d’Identità Elettronica, Cns). In addition, the service allows the users to preview the document, to check the correctness of the data, and to download it in pdf format or receive it by email. 

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