More than 60 percent of Consip tenders for the PNRR implementation are in the ICT sector. 

Until March 31, 2023, Consip has carried out as many as 49 tenders – worth 15.5 bn/€ – in order to ensure PA procurement contracts that are functional for PNRR projects. 

Most of the tender initiatives (32 out of 49 total) are in the ICT sector: these are services for cloud adoption, digital health, as well as hardware and software. 

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Accessibility level of PA sites: dedicated monitoring site now online 

The Italian Digital Agency has published a new portal that presents accessibility monitoring data on public administration websites. On the site it is possible to view the list of the most frequent accessibility faults related to 14,483 entity sites analyzed with automated systems in the first quarter of the year. 

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Digital identity
Also available with CIE security levels 1 and 2 for access to PA online services 

Until now only the highest level of security (3) could be used to access PA online services with CIE. However, this level requires a reader or smartphone equipped with NFC technology. 

With the new levels 1 and 2, citizens with CIE can now access online services by simply activating a pair of credentials (username and password). 

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Smart working
Smart working: no to half days in smart working 

The possibility of conducting a “mixed” day between agile work and face-to-face work is provided for only in two clearly delineated and exceptional cases. 

First, the Administration may recall to the office the employee who is working in agile mode in the case of “technical and/or computer problems” or “malfunctioning of computer systems.” Second, the Administration may recall the employee in the case of “supervening service needs.” 

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Electronic ID card
Experimentation of the issuance of the Electronic Identity Card in non-European countries has been Started 

experimentation has been launched for the issuance of the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) to Italian citizens in non-European countries. The initiative involves, in this first phase, eight diplomatic representations: the embassies in Tel Aviv, Ottawa and San Jose de Costa Rica, and the consulates in Vlora, San Francisco, Mar del Plata, Izmir and Cape Town.  

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