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The company ‘Polo Strategico Nazionale S.p.A’ is born 

The ‘Polo Strategico Nazionale S.p.A.’ has been established. This company will have the task of supporting public administrations in the adoption of cloud solutions, the rationalisation of public spending, and the reduction of energy impact. The company will have to realise the PSN, one of the strategic cloud infrastructures for the country and for the implementation of the PNRR. 

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Digital Identities
SPID’s growth reached over 32 million issued identities 

SPID’s growth continues. In recent weeks, the threshold of 32 million digital identities issued to citizens was reached. In addition, more than 12,000 administrations have joined the system and 675 million have accessed to SPID in the first eight months of 2022. 

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The regulation defining the contents and standard outline of the PIAO was published 

The decree defining the contents and standard outline of the PIAO (Integrated Activity and Organisation Plan) and the simplified procedures for entities with fewer than 50 employees has been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale. The measure officially entered into force on 22 September. 

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Digital competences
New National Strategy Operational Plan was published 

The Department for Digital Transformation has published the new National Digital Competence Strategy Operational Plan. The Plan not only defines the objectives, but also highlights the main initiatives undertaken by administrations and organisations of the National Digital Republic Coalition. At the same time, the monitoring report on the actions carried out so far was also published. 

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Ministry of Labour Circular on transparent working conditions was published 

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has published Circular No. 19, which provides guidance and clarification on several aspects relating to the disclosure obligations introduced by Legislative Decree no. 104 of 27 June 2022 (the so-called “Trasparency Decree”) on transparent and predictable working conditions. 

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