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Green Pass and back to the Office: guidelines published for controls in PA 

At the end of sharing process with institutional players involved, guidelines have been published that provide administrations instructions for applying regulation on obligatory possession and showing of Covid-19 green certification, by staff. 

The guidelines describe procedures for controls, instruments to be used, punitive damages, and responsibilities for non-compliance. 

Read Decree of the President of Council of Ministers 
Read note of Minister for PA
Read guidelines
Green pass and back to the office, the “Faq” for Public Administration 

Consultation for revision of EU standards: open until October 25 

The European Commission has opened a consultation for the revision of the European directive on accessibility; 

Until October 25, all interested parties have the opportunity to send their inputs to start the process of regulatory review; 

See the page of the European Commission 

Adopted guidelines on technical interoperability and security standards 

The Digital Italy Agency has adopted and published the “Guidelines on Technical Interoperability of Public Administrations” and the “Guidelines Technologies and Standards for Interoperability Security through APIs of Information Systems”, pursuant to Article 71 of the CAD and Directive (EU) 2015/1535. Both Guidelines are contributing to definition the “Public Administration Interoperability Model” (ModI). 

Read AGID note;
Read guidelines; 

Adopted Decree of Minister for PA on modalities of digitalization public procurements procedures 

The Decree of Minister for Public Administration, regarding the modalities of digitalization of the procedures of public procurements, has been adopted. This document, required by article 44 of the Public Procurements Code (Legislative Decree 50/2016) constitutes the implementation tool for definition of requirements telematic systems of public procurements, and defines modalities for digitization of award procedures. 

Consult the note of the Minister for PA 

Cases law
The request for a green pass does not contravene the right to medical privacy 

Important pronouncement of judges of Council of State, on the green pass requirement. Judges, in fact, have clarified that this obligation does not infringe the right to medical privacy, because the current system verifying the possession of green certification does not seem to make known to third parties the specific assumption of the certification obtained (vaccination or certificate of negativity to the virus). 

Council of State, sec. III, decision 5130/2021 

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