Video surveillance: videos that violate intimacy and personal dignity are not permitted  

The Italian Data Protection Authority sanctioned a residence for blind people who had complained about the installation of a surveillance system capable of capturing and recording them even in private moments. The video recordings were projected on the monitors near the reception and therefore visible even by simple visitors. Furthermore the guests of the structure had not been provided with adequate information. The security purposes, according to the Authority, could be achieved in a less invasive way. 

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No use of social network users personal data for marketing purposes without their consent 

The Italian Data Protection Authorithy sanctioned an agency for sending promotional messages in order to sell services and products to users of a social network dedicated to finding job opportunities. According to the Italian Authority, the fact that user profiles are public is not sufficient to justify sending messages for different purposes than those of the social network in question and has invited the agency to take appropriate organizational measures. 

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AI and Smart cities: the necessity of an improved protection for personal data 

The use of artificial intelligence has contributed to the creation of smart cities, which allows to improve the quality of individual and collective life, but at the same time a social gap and discrimination can be created between cities and extra-urban areas of the same territory. In this context, the protection of data of individuals is endangered by reputational risks due to the uncontrolled sharing and dissemination of data, the disparities due to the different opportunities for accessing data and the absence of ethical values of automated processes. For these reasons, cooperation between institutions is necessary to regulate the access and sharing of personal information related to smart cities. 

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Smartphones with always-on microphones and “stolendata” apps: the investigation of the Italian Authority 

The Italian Data Protection Authority started an investigation on the most downloaded apps that illegally use data, including access to the telephone microphone with the download authorization. In this way, users just need to say words related to their interests to receive advertising on products and services in line with their tastes or desires. 

The Authority intends to ensure that the information provided to users is clear and transparent and that their consent has been correctly acquired. 

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Drones in public areas: the investigations by the Italian Data Protection Authority 

The Authority has undertaken several investigations in order to ensure the processing of data carried out by drones used by Italian public sector bodies for the activities of the local police and for the monitoring of any gatherings incompatible with the limitations due to Covid emergency. Another investigation was planned for the use of drones on public beaches in order to detect the body temperature of bathers. The Authority intends to acquire and verify the purposes pursued, the retention times of the images, the legal basis and any impact assessment based on data protection legislation. 

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