Italian Ministry for Economic Development: updated Industrial Property Code published 

On 25 August, the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development amending the Industrial Property Code was published in the Italian Official Journal. 

The main changes include the provisions concerning the new types of trademarks subject to registration and the possibility of their representation in electronic format. 

Source: Italian Patent and Trademark Office official website 

Italian Antitrust Authority: preliminary investigation launched to assess the Nexi-Sia merger 

The Italian Antitrust Authority (in Italian, “Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato”, “AGCM”) has launched an investigation to assess the merger by incorporation of SIA S.p.A. into Nexi S.p.A., which involves various operators and numerous areas of the digital payments sector. 

According to the Authority, the merger of the two companies could lead to “the creation or strengthening of a dominant position by the new entity with horizontal, vertical and conglomerate effects”. 

Source: Italian Antitrust Authority’s official website 

Updated instructions for international patent applications 

On 15 September, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (in Italian, “Ufficio Italiano Marchi e Brevetti”, “UIBM”) published updated instructions for the filing and examination of international patent applications. 

Such changes allow patent owners submitting an international patent application containing the designation or election of Italy to request the opening of the “national phase” of examination at the Italian Patent Office, as an alternative to the regional phase of examination at the European Patent Office. 

 Source: Italian Patent and Trademark Office official website 

Transposition of the Copyright Directive in Italy 

On August 5, the Italian Council of Ministers approved a preliminary examination of the draft decree implementing Directive (EU) 2019/790 (the so-called “Copyright Directive”), which was then forwarded to the Italian Parliament for its opinion.  

The decree transposes the aforementioned European directive, introducing rules that recognise publishers, whether in individual or associated form, a related right for the use of their journalistic publications by service providers of information companies and media monitoring as well as press review companies. 

Source: Italian Council of Ministers’ official website 

The Italian Administrative Supreme Court on the Authority for telecommunications’ guarantee resolution on an open internet network  

With a judgment published last 2 August, the Italian Administrative Supreme Court (in Italian, “Consiglio di Stato”) has ruled on the resolution of the Authority for telecommunications’ guarantee  (in Italian, “Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni”, “AGCOM”) implementing the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 that sets out measures concerning access to an open Internet.  

With the judgment in comment, the Supreme Court confirmed the legitimacy of the resolution, aimed at guaranteeing freedom of choice – by end users – of the terminal equipment used to access the internet.  

Source: Administrative Justice portal  

Mandatory licenses in the pandemic context: the approval of the Italian Chamber of Deputies 

Last month, the Italian Chamber of Deputies approved the proposal for the introduction of Article 70 bis to the Industrial Property Code (Legislative Decree 2005/30) on the mandatory licenses during national health emergencies.  

Should the Italian Senate approve it, Article 70 bis would provide that – during the period of a national health emergency – compulsory licences may be granted for the production of medicinal products or medical devices, valid for the duration of that period, as well as for twelve months after the end of the period. 

Source: Italian Chamber of Deputies official website 

Italian Antitrust Authority: investigation on the unfairness of the iCloud contract terms ended 

On September 27, the Italian Antitrust Authority closed its investigation on the possible unfairness of the terms in iCloud services contracts, offered by three well-known companies, pursuant to Article 33 of the Italian Consumer Code.  

The Authority considered some of clauses to be unfair, in order to give the companies wide-ranging powers, such as to suspend and/or interrupt the service, unilaterally modify the conditions of the same, as well as the limitation of liability in the event of the loss of cloud’s contents.  

Source: Italian Antitrust Authority official website  

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